ok..r u staying tune? xP

alrite-dy..i'm back..
hehe..told ciu to stay tune didn't i? xP
is 11:18am now..Hey!i'm not a pig that sleep though the whole morning..
i'm a early Bird..hehehe..
i think i'm still abit kuku in the head from wat happened last nite..
owhwell.. :)
is so unhealthy of me rite?only slept for a few hours..
but this time i have a few good reason to wake up so early..
1# i need to get my charger from June house!!
2# DUH i cant slp!!tmr is a scary freaky creepy day!!
3# i need exercise!!like now!!u know..a few people told me i got fatter..T.T
i tell u..i was the worst of times!!so yes!!i need good exercise n healthy food
for every single bit i take everyday!!
*kick the junk food n punch it hard 'stupid junk food*==
*spoil my day je*

conversation with mum a min ago..
mum : gal..help me check this website out would u?
me : *reading*WWW.Singapore garden hotel.com
mum : take a look at the promotion..izzit still on?
me : *checking*why?r we going on a vacation or something?
mum : yup..Singapore..
me : o really?*but skol is about to reopen very soon,wat a delay trip to go to*
with who?
mum : only our family..
me : wat?== that is so gonna b bored..i'll rather stay home..seriously..

hmm..Singapore huh?maybe it will be just another slacking trip for me..
o yea!!i'll bring my 'little black dress' babies along to accompany me.. :)
yea that's a good idea..
o n the comments on the net about the Garden Hotel..
is a mess..so maybe i'll be camping at 'Royal Plaza'..
i'm sure it will b so much better.. :)
owhwell..i'm out of the topic again..
moving on..


well,i don have much pic from camp..
most i took is in Sophia DSLR..
n plus is camp!!not much time for pic.. :)
i don really like this one tho..

love this one!! :)

hehe..i love chocolate.. :)

but is fattening..T.T

Sargent Bobo a.k.a group leader.. :)

yes..the pic said it..

MiniBeanie the bean bag.. :)

on my way back home..
n i think i spot another heart shape just beside the street light..
i ♥ nature.. :)


is just me nature n u.. :)
from the first day u stop breathing at the atmosphere..
the sky seem so diff?
it seem like as if u were looking down..
watching us.. :)

is beautiful.. :)
don ciu think?the cloud seem to be working with the sun..
each time i look up n think of u..

i went to visit u one last time on yr actual funeral..
just to see yr face one last time..n remember it in my heart for the rest of my life..
don worry..u still look really beautiful to me.. :)
inside n out..

i promise myself to be strong..
n i know clearly to myself that crying isn't gonna change anything..
so i make myself another promise to not cry on yr funeral..
i don wanna let u see the weak side of me but only the strong..
i'll b strong..n i'll take care of myself..
so don ciu worry.. ^^
but i'm sure missing u hack of alot..
people say u left..but to me..u didn't..
u're still here..in my heart..^^
forever n always perhaps?
yes forever n always..











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