i'm so bored..that i think i'll blog everyday..n still think is fun..

yes!! I'm bored..again rite? i noe..well,one thing that's for sure is
say u wanna live a life like mine..bcoz u'll regret..yr whole life..
no freedom is actually the worst thing anyone could get from their parents..
especially when u have friends who party's all nite long until the sun comes out..
or u're in a relationship..is so hard u noe..to see 'Him'..so don ever blame us if we start making out at a corner.. xD bcoz we just grab tight every opportunity each time we see each other.. :)
is dat rite babe? wink.. xD haha..just fooling around.. :)
erm,erm,erm,lets see..o yea..i receive a letter from Canada today.. :) haha..i'm sure u noe exactly who am i talking abt over here.. :)
yup!! is Gareth..now days his gone to Canada..whenever any of us mention the word Canada,it seem to relate to Gareth.. :)
well,if u're wondering wat he wrote in there..here a some sneak peak..
1# his doing alrite over there..but missing us very much..(that's for sure)
2# he wrote a page full of french language..(his actually teaching & i'm learning..:) )
3# he didn't bring a single 'manga' with him to Canada..
yea..only gonna give out this few info.. :P

ps. i am definitely loving the puppy Christmas card.. :)




just feel like turning back time..n feel that Christmas spirit again..

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