nope..i'm not r u still staying tune? :)

Johnson Bday.. :)
the reason for this awesome trip..
i still have THE Genting Trip to talk about..
this one i have tones of pic to share..
but i'm just gonna pick out a few highlights n a few of my fav.. :)

first day of excitement..
the cousin.. :)

we settle down at AWANA..a really nice place to relax n get together with yr
family n friends.. :)
if u look closely..u can actually spot a big bird cage just rite behind the tree.. :)

after checking in to the hotel..
the girls went swimming n the parents went to take a deep breath from the buz city
n settle down to relax..the boys?basketball wat else rite? :)
this is actually a obsticalcouse..^^
n yes..the boys play their way to the court..

i didn't bring my swim suit n don feel like touching water..
so i join the boys for a adventure hunt for the basketball court..
we were actually quite lost at first..
but they didn't care tho..
they took their time n was laughing all the way.. :)
no doubt the obsticalcouse was hard..
scars is sign all over the place..but..
boys will still b boys.. :)
Irwin(the one hanging around like a monkey)..Isaac lil brother.. :)
somehow we r all related..u see..their jo cousins..
so that means is my cousin cousin..get it? xP
answer : my second cousin.. :)

i like guys that post funny for the camera..
better den boys who just stand there..give one kind of face..n just smile..
boring.. xP


found it.. :)

well,i wasn't planing to play bball with them as well..
so i guess is a very good time to practice my snapping skills.. xP
there r so many acorn(wait i don think is a acorn..o wtv..xP) on the ground.. :)

i like this one.. :) wat did u think?
did i improve? xP

after everyone had their fun n tummy starting to sing..

we're off to dinner.. :)
Jo n Isaac were like my lil sis parents..
they look so cute!!love this pic!! :)

the food was real yummy.. :)
hehe..father & daughter moment..? :)
after our pit stop..

First World(Indoor Theme Park)!! :D
parents n children will go enjoyed them self..
n US..
1# Isaac (the oldest)
2# Desmond (the trying hard to b the scariest)
3# Able (the chicken)
4# Johnson (the bday boy)
5# Irwin (the bravest)
6# Me!! :)
7# Jo (just the awesome cousin)
8# Justin (the chicken no.2)
yes!!only the 8# of us..will be playing the indoor toys..
firstly we went into the haunted house..
Able n Justin chicken out..==
so only 6 of us went in..

so u guys ready?
well,i think i am..
OMG!!look at my brother face!!so scary!!
look at his EYES!!this is just freaky!!lpls don give me nitemares..
ps. his not wearing a mask or just his face.. xP

ok..we took the pic after we came out.. xP
before we went in..all of us were actually pretty scared..
well,if u should noe..i'm actually afraid of the dark..
okok..i know..what a scary cat..

well,i have to say..the haunted house was worth it..(only if u ask me)
they scared us..but only this time..the ghost cant touch u..n u cant touch the ghost..
n no more chasing from those creepy looking humans..
from wat i heard..
the reason is because girls have been touched by those creepy humans..
n some even put their hand in yr pocket to grab the $$..
so yea..well,anyway overall it was fun.. :)
i rate [8/10]..

haha..after coming out from the haunted house..
we went to take a look at our pic..n guess wat?
we brought one..only one..
cause Isaac dad do he can jus print out for the rest of us.. :)
Thank U uncle peter.. ^^
indoor theme park got not much toy tho..n the roller coaster was close..
so the boys decided to go arcade..
me n jo went to get the Christmas hat that we wanted to get earlier..
i think i look kind the weird in it tho..
but jo look usual.. :)


The Next Day.. :)

the next day..we all woke up early..
n just cant wait to start a new awesome memorable day..
n this time..US plus jojo(the brave lil gal) :)
9 of us will take the skyway all the way up to genting..
smile.. :)

yup only de 9 of us.. :)
our parents is just gonna come pick us up after we're done riding all the toys we wanna ride..
i love this pic.. :)
someone should really hire me as a photographer..haha..
how perasan.. xD

whos dat behind? O.O
n where was i looking?
o yea!!
dat hot guy dat pass by n jus melt my heart to de ground.. xP

the awesome cousin.. :)

kor pls stop acting cool.. -.-
justin? wat was dat? i cant hear u.. xD
irwin..pikabu.. :)
isaac? :)
jojo smile.. :) bigger!! :)
this pic was taken when we were q-ing up for the boat ride..

haha..the boat ride was funny?
not scary.. :)

well,the only reason we went for the merry go round is bcoz all the other scary coaster was close
dull to the raining day..=/
after the awfully slow ride..
we make our way to the indoor theme park..again..
we were so bored..coaster were all close..
it really sucks at dat moment..
we were so bored we actually wanted to watch movie..
wat a waste rite? genting? movies?
is just wrong..well,the only reason we changed our mind to
'Ripley's Believe It A Not' was the last ticket to our movie was too late..
at first a few of us disagreed..we tot it will b bored n wasted of money n time..
but in the all good.. :)
it was really interesting..n with people dat lame n fun..
anything bored can jus snap a finger n turns to fun.. :)

'Vampire Killing Kit'
can u believe it? maybe there is such thing as vampire..

they called this the dark room or something..
if u been a really bad boi or gal..
they'll put u in this room..which is totally dark..
for not sure how long..n they'll only give u food though this tiny hole..
don worry this is only for people in jail.. :)
hehe..i rather not show u all the pic i took in there..
go see it yrself.. :)
no regret..promise.. ^^

after a interesting tour in Ripley's..
we went to check if the coaster were open..


well,technically..only the four of them went for the ride..
as for de rest of us was too chicken to ride it.. xP

after the ride..

they kind de make me regret not riding it..
look at they're smile..
they say it was fun..n not as scary as they think it will b.. :)
but just looking at them screaming n having tons of fun..
it just draw a smile on my face n i had fun jus watching them hav fun.. :)

no we didn't ride this one..
didn't have enough time..
corkscrew was our last ride.. :)

Isaac.. :)
his supposed to look like a super hero with that bright light behind..
but the hat..just makes the pic so cute!! xD
look!! his hat is even taller den the tower on the left.. xD
yea..that is just about it..
till this very day..i still remember that excitement i had before the trip..
it was so much fun..n so much lame-ness on the way..
n of cause..we laughed our butt off.. :)
even is only a 2day one night trip..i think is so wroth our time n memorable..
overall..i'm only gonna say one word..
awesome!! :)
o n happy belateddddddddddddddddd bday johnson.. :)
n & n this is jus some of the 199pic we took on genting.. xP

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