not i'm not bored..jus couldn't slp..

no idea why..i was suppose to be sleepy..but then I'm not..ok..
call me weirdo..i don care.. :) anyway..tmr BabyBoi is going to sit down n listen to a man talk for 6hours straight..n one force him to..he have to!!he need his license.. :) so yea..
well,i guess I'll be buz calling up 20 over people to ask if they could come for orientation next year..(which is next week)to help out a lil at the booth..n some other things..
o n pls pls pls..tell me if u know where to get The Cheapest Candy's..
rite here i have a few options..Tesco or Giant..which is cheaper?(help me out here would ciu?) :)
no idea why but
1# been having the feeling about blogging the whole day..(no idea why)
2# been really sleepy all of a sudden..den a blink on the eye..I'm not..(no idea why)
3# had just got off the phone with bii..n both of us been telling each other 'i love u' for the pass 6mins n 38sec..(yes!! b jealous!) :P
4# just finish downloading those Christmas song that i wanted to download a few days earlier..(i noe new year is already around de corner but i don care..i still wan those songs) :)
5# not sure what i'm going to do after i'm done drawing this post..(mayb i'll start filling up my diary) :)
6# yes!!i got it!!read my 'lil black dress' novel.. :)
7# i just love ending it with a 7.. :)

nites.. :)

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